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Your regular voice vs your proper voice.

55 minutes ago   24 April
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pup at da beach

2 hours ago   24 April
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pretty sure itf is going to have the most smilies of any smilies on any cbox eveR

4 hours ago   24 April
4 hours ago   24 April
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"The more you fall down when you’re young, the better. That’s the only way to get stronger."

5 hours ago   24 April
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5 hours ago   24 April
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Dear iPhone: I am NEVER trying to write “ducking.” Sincerely, Everyone. Kristen Bell (via nickie4president)
6 hours ago   24 April
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Chris you fucking meatball!

6 hours ago   24 April
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  1. noraxdavid for tina
  2. lanexhadley for sarah
  3. aaronxnyxie for meg
  4. ianxjack for taz
  5. ryanxjulian for alec
  6. giannaxjulian for alec
  7. ryanxginny starter for dani
  8. catch up on all comms
  9. code gia’s shipper
  10. code ryan’s shipper
  11. post gia’s request
  12. start on imdb’s to be done by skin switch
7 hours ago   24 April