1/2 there's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. isn't that kind of the point? I     II
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twenty two
texas sweet texas
the batman to my benny
the hanna to my spencer
the joey to my chandler
the dwight to my jim
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"It’s a delicate subject and I think it’s very funny, but it’s funny in the way that life is funny. So I think that’s probably why it works. It’s got a lot of tension and awkwardness but then it sort of cools off."   Leighton Meester about The Oranges

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Ben Barnes & Leighton Meester in God only knows

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musicians AU

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snow white is dead. the news echoes across the black mine-hills, bellows throughout a land ravaged with smoke and despair. super-8 images of her face, stained with black blood, flicker across everafter’s screens. the people weep for a day, perhaps, then move on. but seven girls – legends, once, now pathetic and lost – rise from the ashes of their own pasts to reclaim what was once promised as theirs. guns, guts, girls, and a glorious, glorious death.  double, double, toil and trouble. a kingdom for my rotten apple.

starring (in order of appearance): dianna agron as aurora, danai gurira as tiana, deborah ann woll as ariel, zhang ziyi as mulan, teresa palmer as cinderella, sarah shahi as jasmine, and leighton meester as belle.
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Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester at the Telefilm Festival in Milan, Italy (2008)

Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester at the Telefilm Festival in Milan, Italy (2008)

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“I’ve missed you. I’ve missed my friend.”

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